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    नए ई-मित्र के रजिस्ट्रेशन फॉर्म के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

    Who We are

    Shree Ram Mahima
    Enterprises Private

    Shree Ram Mahima Enterprises Private Limited is actively involved in the area of social enterprise, rural development, and Information technology. We are committed to providing fully digitized services (eMitra, Aadhar, AEPS, and more) for our different partners and the public of the state as well as the country.

    Helping the Govts and People in Digitalization Process for better and fast Development

    SRME Pvt Ltd | One Stop Solution for Digitalization of All Govt Schemes

    Shree Ram Mahima Enterprises is registered as Private limited company under Company Act. And we are committed to help the govts of Rajasthan and India to digitalize all the schemes to help the people and the end consumer. SRME provides solutions like Open New Emitra, AEPS Kiosk and New Aadhar centre registration.


    We Offer Better Soluation For
    Your Business

    We offer best solutions for your business to grow fast and help the people of the society. By providing one stop platform solutions for the end consumer, we’re easing the process of digitalization and helping people to get the benefits of maximum govt schemes at their door steps without any efforts.

    Open E-mitra centre


    If you are looking for new Emitra centre registration in Rajasthan then SRME is the best option to register your centre and earn huge commission from the kiosk.

    New Aadhar Center Registration Online

    Aadhar Center

    SRME is an authorized Aadhar Enrolment Agency in Rajasthan. If you want to register new Aadhar card enrollment center then SRME is the best in the industry.

    Bank BC By SRME


    SRME is authorised AEPS Kiosk provider company in Rajasthan. We have best technical support for our partners/ agents to run the AEPS Kiosk efficiently

    Insurance Services By SRME


    SRME has more than 15 companies as it’s insurance partner and we are providing all type of insurance i.e. vehicle insurance, health insurance, term insurance etc.



    SRME is a partner with govt to allocate the PMGDISHA centers. Enquire now to open these centers in your area and help the govt to educate the people.

    Digitally Bill Payment Services

    Skill Development

    Skill Development is a govt initiative and SRME is partnered with the govt to make youth skillful and grow the employment rate. Inquire now to open skill development center in your area.


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    In the Rural area, many people don’t get benefit of govt schemes because of a lack of awareness and reach of the system to the end consumer. By connecting govt and people through many digital platforms like Emitra, AEPS, and Aadhar Card, our company is helping many stranded people of the state and country. In the process of Digital India, it is very important to connect the end consumer with the govt and let them give a platform to get the benefit of all the schemes. SRME is one of these solution providers in Rajasthan which enables many Emitra Centre Operators, AEPS Kiosk Operators and Aadhar Card Enrolment Centres to use our services and portal to help the people in the process of digitalization of all the govt schemes.

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